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Our Origin Story

How our Church came to be

Our Family of Churches: The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Newmarket Alliance Church (NAC) is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA). The C&MA is an evangelical Protestant denomination. The C&MA was founded by Rev.A. B.Simpson, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, in 1887. The C&MA did not start off as a denomination, but rather began as two distinct parachurch organizations: the Christian Alliance, which focused on the pursuit of a deeper Christian life,and the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, which focused on mobilizing Christians to work as missionaries. These two groups amalgamated in 1897 to form the C&MA. Only in 1974, was the denomination formed.

The early days of NAC

NAC began when a group of four couples came together in 1985 with the intent to start a new fellowship in Newmarket, Ontario. It began in one of the group’s living rooms, with the grand total attendance of thirteen.Every Friday night, these couples got together for great fellowship, teaching and worship. Other families started attending and quickly made the group their home. By the summer of 1985 the group had doubled and set out with the help of the C&MA to call their first pastor. They outgrew a space at ARK industries and then the public library with over 200 in attendance

By late 1988, they moved to 1140 Gorham St, the current location of NAC. Quickly NAC began to focus on reaching those in the broader community through very contemporary music, drama, “rubber-hits-the-road”teaching and special “come-see events”.Still true to our roots, we desire to use a variety of means to share the good news of Jesus

The interior of this space has changed many times; it has served many conferences, neighbourhood businesses,church plants and congregational & community events. Currently we partner with Newmarket Montessori & Christian learning Academy. God has been faithful in His provision but more than a church building, we know it is God’s people called to BE the church that make the difference. God has seen NAC through many ups and downs, but He has continued to be faithful.