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Online Photo Directory

Connect the faces to the names of the people of NAC with this online directory.

Join our digital photo directory so that you can learn the faces and names of those who call NAC their home AND allow others to learn your face and name.

This is all part of the new church center app (also available online). Privacy is of utmost concern so there are a few steps at first but you'll only have to do them ONCE.

  1. Download the Church Center App for IOS or Android
  2. Search for Newmarket Alliance Church OR let the GPS location find churches near you
  3. Make NAC 'my church'
  4. Press "next"
  5. Give a contact number or email. They will immediately text you a login code.
  6. As you edit your profile, PLEASE upload a picture of yourself (and perhaps your kids as well?) as there's no sense having a photo directory with no photos

If you run into security issues or can't seem to take part in the directory, it may be because you are not in our database or need to be invited to join.

email office@newmarketalliance.ca and ask to be invited to join the directory

You can access all of these features from a desktop computer by going to nac.churchcenter.com

The New Church Center App & Directory

A quick tutorial on how to find and use the new church center app