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Our local and global mission to "go be the church"

We are "Go Everywhere" people

ACTS 1:8:  And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world.”

Jesus loves everyone in the Southlake region. We may not know everyone on our block but it doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t. His purpose was not to condemn people but to love them.  We are called to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus in our neighbourhood… to be light in a dark place… to be Ambassadors of God’s love in the Southlake region, Canada and even the ends of the earth.

At Newmarket Alliance, a significant portion of our yearly budget goes to compassion, justice, and evangelistic missions, both locally and globally. We are part of a movement of churches whose very DNA is about responding to the call to “Go Everywhere!”

The people of Newmarket Alliance are involved with many organizations in our local and global community. We are proud to be people that think outside of our four walls and look to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us

In December 2020 we appealed to the church to collectively sponsor kids in one of the poorest and hardest-hit countries from this pandemic was met with such generosity.  We easily reached our financial goal!

Our partnership with Guatemala and the ministry "on the ground", Power At Work involves more than writing a cheque but having some semblance of a RELATIONSHIP

I'll let Christina explain...

Christina Bonham: Our Guatemala partnership liason

below are some of the great organizations we have actively partnered with

The Life Centre: A source of support for women facing all kinds of challenging situation
Bridge North - Combating trafficking in the York Region
Global Advance - our coordinated C&MA international missions funding
Coldest Night of the Year - part of "Inn from the Cold" assisting those in need of shelter
Our C&MA partnership funding new church communities and plants
Newmarket Food Pantry
An outreach and shelter in downtown Toronto serving displaced and destitute men
Every day Gateway provides a place where 108 men experiencing homelessness, can live temporarily with dignity.
The Gateway is more than just a roof. They offer three balanced meals a day, laundry facilities, showers, computer access, a library, access to our clothing room as well as a monthly meeting for residents to voice their concerns and hopes.
Gateway meets the holistic needs and develops the gifts of each person in our midst by offering, encouraging, modeling and learning community in Christ. In this way, we are learning to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Several years ago, one of our small groups decided to dedicate one evening each month to the service of the Newmarket Foodbank.
Since then many people from Newmarket Alliance have become involved in service to the food bank
Each month, we help the foodbank restock their shelves, sort incoming donated food and organize seasonal food drives.
Neighbourhood VBS camp, partnering with Newmarket Church of Christ
"SERVE OUR CITY": A team that prepares and serves meals to families in need in the Newmarket area. In the process it allows us to build relationships and minister to spiritual and emotional needs as well.

A change to our "GO EVERYWHERE" funding process


What is Go Everywhere?

Go Everywhere Fund is established to fulfill the Christ centered, Spirit empowered, Mission focused mandate of the Church enabling the Vision and Mission of NAC. The Go Everywhere Fund is the practical and deliberate means by which the Church Body can be the hands and feet of Jesus in serving the needs of the community through the various identified initiatives. 

The Go Everywhere Fund is established to serve the needs of the community, both local and global, by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing needs within the community to determine where and how to serve
  • Engaging and utilizing resources of the Church including financial investment, time, people and partnerships as necessary to serve those needs 
  • Provide a sense of shared Mission while equipping, empowering and leveraging gifting of members of the Church to serve those needs
  • Proper stewardship of the Funds through alignment to NAC’s Vision and Mission, overall governance and review to ensure continued value and impact of each initiative

Why the change now?

Leadership recognized a gap in process in years past and an opportunity to practice more transparency and good governance by better aligning NAC’s giving with its Vision and Mission. Go Everywhere Funding will now have a formal process where proposals for these funds are submitted for review and approval by a committee. The aim of this process is to better connect funds to initiatives providing meaningful connections to the people of NAC and our Mission through intentional engagement..

What will this new approach achieve?

  • Direct alignment to Vision and Mission

  • Strengthened stewardship of funds by offering greater community impact and coordinated oversight to projects that are highly valued by NAC goers

  • Strengthen engagement from the congregation through both giving and involvement in project delivery and partnerships